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Scenes from Surf City University
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Barry Disgorging Sparkling Wine History Class SCUniversity
Surf City University

4th Semester
Winter, 2012 -2013

Learn more about wine from the master winemakers of the Surf City Vintners.

This group of vintners has over 150 years of winemaking experience!
Take the opportunity to learn from their passion and knowledge.
And get your diploma in sip-ology!

All classes are held Sundays, 12:00-2:00 at the instructor winemaker’s tasting room/winery.
Classes can be taken individually or as a series. All classes include wine tasting.



Individual classes, except the Harvest Tour, are $30 each; $25 for wine club members of any of the
Surf City wineries (except for the Make Your Own Wine Class which is $40 and $35 for wine club members).
Those signing up for all five classes will receive a tasting card to all Surf City wineries valued at $60.

To Register:

Register at any of the Surf City tasting rooms, or call 408-234-2079,
or fax the Registration Form to 408-353-1898.

For more information and details:

Call 408-234-2079, or email


Class Schedule

See full course descriptions and details below.

Date Class Instructor Location
February 10, 2013 Iberian Wines Jeff Emery, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard/Quinta Cruz Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard/Quinta Cruz
March 10, 2013 Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir:-World Class Joe Miller, Rexford Winery Rexford Winery
April 14, 2013 Chardonnay Styles Steve Storrs, Storrs Storrs

February 10, 2013: Iberian Varieties
with Jeff Emery, Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard / Quinta Cruz
12:00-2:00, at Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard / Quinta Cruz

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard / Quinta Cruz
334–A Ingalls Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831-426-6209

Taste the exciting and exotic grape varieties that come from Portugal and Spain. These remarkably under-known wines have tastes and aromas that are a distinct departure from other European-based varietals. The class will take place in the winery, among the barrels (where the tasting room is also located).

In this class we will learn about many of these grape varieties and also compare Old World & New World wines of the same grape variety. Taste and learn about:

Side-by-side comparisons:
Tempranillo from Spain vs. Tempranillo from California
Touriga from Portugal vs. Touriga from California
A Portuguese varieties blend from Portugal vs. one from California

$30, or $25 for wine club members of any of the Surf City wineries.

About Jeff Emery: Jeff is Winemaker / Proprietor of Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard. Jeff has been making wine for Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard for 32 years. In 2006 he launched a sister brand, Quinta Cruz, dedicated exclusively to featuring grape varieties originating from Portugal and Spain that are now grown in California. It is the first, and so far only brand in the U.S. to feature all Iberian varieties.


March 10, 2013: Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir:On the World Stage
With Joe Miller, Rexford Winery
12:00-2:00, at Rexford Winery

Rexford Winery
429B Ingalls Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831-426-1500

Explore the Pinot Noirs of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and discover why this region produces Pinot Noirs that are among the world’s best. Explore the influence of location on the qualities and characteristics of Pinot Noir, sample Pinots from different vineyards, and compare our local Pinots with a French Burgundy. Joe Miller taught UCSC Extension classes on the wines of Burgundy for many years and will help us better understand the terroir of the Santa Cruz Mountains for growing Pinot Noir, and the Pinots it produces. Many of the qualities of a wine are a product of soil and climate ~ and this elusive thing we call terroir. Small changes in climate and soil can create a vastly different wine. Find out how this concept applies to the Pinot Noirs of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

$30, or $25 for wine club members of any of the Surf City wineries.

About Joe Miller, Rexford Winery: Joe Miller is a long-time Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz and the winemaker at Rexford. He has taught university courses on enology and wine appreciation for more than 30 years and began making wines in the ’70’s. Many of the students in his wine courses went on to start wineries of their own or to work in other aspects of the wine industry. He has traveled extensively in the wine-producing regions of France, Italy, and Australia, meeting with many of the finest wine producers there. Joe works with and produces wine from several vineyards in different sub-regions of the Santa Cruz Mountains and brings to his winemaking and to this class his masterful understanding of terroir.


April 14, 2013: Chardonnay Styles

With Steve Storrs, Storrs Winery
12:00-2:00, at Storrs Winery

Storrs Winery
303 Potrero St, #35, at the Old Sash Mill
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831-458-5030

Taste and learn about the distinctive Chardonnays of the Santa Cruz Mountains from a master of the vine, Steve Storrs. Explore the flavors of the mountains with Steve. You will taste a spectrum of Chardonnays from different vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains; learn about and taste the different Chardonnay clones; and better understand the components and flavor profiles of great Chardonnays, including the acidity and minerality for which the Santa Cruz Mountains is known.

$30, or $25 for wine club members of any of the Surf City wineries.

About Steve Storrs: Steve and Pamela Storrs have been making wine since the mid 1980s, and have committed themselves to the belief that the Santa Cruz Mountains can produce truly great wine. Steve specialized in viticulture at UC Davis and is an expert in winegrape varietals and growing them to make excellent wines. In 2001, Steve and Pamela realized their long-held dream when they purchased land in the Pleasant Valley district of Corralitos and started a vineyard that includes selected clones of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Storrs are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices, of which their vineyard is a showcase. In addition to winegrapes, the Storrs also farm several acres of Newtown Pippin applies which are sold to a local CSA. Storrs is known for its Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.